In the marine aquarium, one of the most difficult yet rewarding tasks is by far achieving and providing proper flow and oscillation rates for your marine inhabitants.

I have yet to come across one person who has not been drawn by the mesmerizing beauty of a coral reef as it sways back in forth in an aquarium that one has created.

There are typically 11 different types of zones, which entail specific corals for each zone. Corals often have a preference for one area of the reef over another; these zones are rather consistent throughout the world.

To keep this article from becoming a novel, I recommend you take a look at each zone and specifics by referencing to a few links that will be provided below at the end of this article.

Usually it is wise for the hobbyist to study up on the corals which they are trying to keep. Key components to learn about are there placement, flow requirements, and overall demands to thrive and stay healthy; a great book for this is a book by Julian Sprung which is a book on Corals.

These factors are crucial for sustaining corals in a small or large aquarium, as many corals are not compatible in confined areas.

Zones are characterized by the structure and geography of a specific area as well as the surrounding elements influencing that particular area which create the conditions for the inhabitants below.In these Zones, there is one key component that makes and characterizes a zone in particular; which is the focus of this article, flow and oscillation rates.Flow and Oscillation rates not only affect the inhabitants which are native to that specific area, but the species in these zones actually depend on these types of flow for feeding, reproduction, and overall health.

There are many types of power heads and wave makers which will allow you as the hobbyist to recreate these natural environments in your home aquarium.

By providing optimal flow rates and oscillation rates, you will not only provide your inhabitants with the natural conditions which they are adapted to, but you will also be able to watch your system flourish and grow right in front of your eyes, from the new introduction of flow.

Most marine aquariums actually have greater issues with algae due to the fact that they ultimately lack sufficient flow rates, which in return creates sub biotopes that actually harness and absorb excessive nutrients. These excessive waste factories accumulate to abnormally high levels which most hobbyist are unable to keep up with.

These conditions are perfect for breeding nauseous algae’s to flourish and thrive.

If you have blooms of algae, such as Bryopsis sp., Valonia sp., Dictyota sp., Gelidium sp. , and many others, this is a good sign that you have excessive nutrients that allow these nauseous algae’s to flourish. Excessive nutrients go hand in hand with low to bad flow rates.

Tunze offers a great series of power heads that are fully controllable, to simulate even the most turbulent conditions if necessary.

These pumps are specifically designed to re create water circulation in aquariums, as well as the most realistic currents and flow rates possible.

Tunze offers many different sizes for each specific application, which will accomplish and conquer even the largest of aquariums which one hobbyist may acquire.

Their pumps range from 264 GPH all the way up to 7,925 GPH; from the smallest of there Nano series the 6025, 6045, and the controllable 6055 all the way up to there Turbelle series which go as high as 6301.

Hand and hand with the fully functional controller, the user will be able to recreate variables and flow rates in the reef, which were once impossible.

If the pumps alone were'nt enough, Tunze offers a fully functional and controllable Wave Box 6212. This wave box is most suitable for aquariums over 100 Gallons, and it will allow the hobbyist, to re create the most realistic conditions possible, while creating a tremendous amount of water movement.

The oscillation principle through the Wave Controller 6091, will allow you to create a wash effect through even the most confined and lowest flow areas in your marine aquarium.With this great amount of flow and low amount of electrical usage the user will be able to rid themselves from these sub biotopes and nauseous algae’s, and allow for your corals and fish to thrive at a fraction of the cost.

With ample hardware and support, there is no reason why your reef should be suffering from a lack of flow. Tunze will deliver when others fail.

If you have algae and your feel that you are lacking flow, than Tunze is the answer to your problems. These well designed and very efficient power heads will not only rid your tank from debirs and detritus, they will offer you the life like simulation, that we as hobbyist are all trying to accomplish, in our own personal slice of the reef.
Until next time, happy reefing!

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