Joe and I have a long history together.

From G.I. Joe and Sloppy Joe till I met Joe Black and ate at Joe's Crab Shack, my perpetually positive experiences with the Joes I’ve encountered in my 27 years as an earth dweller continue, most recently with Joes Juice.

Before you saddle up to the bar at your local watering hole and order a round of Joes, I feel I should warn you: this concoction probably isn’t something you’ll want to down like a Jägerbomb.

As the box for Joes warns, this product is “for aquarium use only.”

It also says “keep away from children,” meaning I should probably rethink that bright idea I had to pass Joes Juice out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

Anyhoo, three months into my adventures in reefkeeping, I began noticing strange, transparent anemones sprouting up all over the tank. I should also mention that I had been hand feeding another anemone, presumably a live rock hitchhiker, with my squirt tube until it split into two smaller anemones, each about the size of a nickel.

It would have behooved me to know that these critters I had been oh-so-carefully nurturing all this time were actually pests; Aiptasia and Majano anemones, respectively.

It wasn’t until our photographer, Royce, shot new photos of Joes Juice for the website that we discovered our “Gardens of Eden” were actually unwanted animal infestations.

Royce copped us a box of Joes Juice for only $7.99 so we could A) thwart the ever-growing anemone populations in our tanks and B) so we’d have something to blog about.

Dispensing the death juice is easy. Just fill the supplied syringe with Joes Juice and gently place a small amount of mixture on the Aiptasia’s mouth or on the center of the Majano and … that’s it.


You just squirt—not inject—this stuff in/on the anemones and they quickly retract, turn white and start disintegrating.

I’ve used Joes Juice now several times in my reef tank, home to a handful of fish, 15+ corals, crabs and the like and am pleased to report zero adverse effects.

And if there were side effects, believe me, I’d know: the first time I used the stuff I accidentally shot it, like, everywhere … and everything is still fine.

Truth be told, I still have another dozen Aiptasia I need to zap with Joes Juice because they multiply quickly. I’ve been Majano free for months though.

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