Known to many online as "melev", Marc Levenson has been in the hobby for since 1998. Marc owns and runs two websites: & that are there to help hobbyists everywhere. His site started off as a single page many years ago, then grew to include additional topics of interest such as acrylic work, photography, solutions to pests, information about his reef tanks, lighting, feeding, critter ID and more. Podcasts, videos, product reviews and articles provide answers to many of the questions raised by hobbyists worldwide. Marc has been a fan of MACNA since 2002 and hasn’t missed one since. He was on the BOD for MASNA, and is still on the BOD for DFWMAS since 2004. He was the club president of DFWMAS for three years, working to keep the membership growing and provide interesting content both online and at the monthly meetings. Marc has magazine articles in print, and was a contributing author to "Reefkeeping Basics". He was editor of Reefkeeping Magazine for 14 months, and travels to speak to clubs across the nation. When he’s not busy with that, he builds custom acrylic wares and sells RO/DI systems and other products via his online store. He’s current tanks are a 400g reef and a 60g anemone cube.