Dr. Chad Callan: Using captive bred aquacultured to reduce pressure on the wild. | MACNA 2019

Aquaculture is a reoccurring theme these days in aquarium circles because this will likely be the anchor that secures sustainability for the reef aquarium hobby. Dr. Chatham gives us a an overview of the groundbreaking work in the field of aquaculture that creates a more optimistic outlook for the future of the aquarium livestock industry.

Dr. Chad Callan

Dr. Chatham Callan (Chad) is the Director of the Finfish Research Program at Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University (OI). OI has been a world leader in the development of applied aquaculture technologies for both marine fish and shrimp for over 50 years.

Chad has been at OI for over 14 years and has researched the captive culture of numerous marine fish species including Mullet, Jacks, Rabbitfish and Groupers as well as ornamental species such as Dwarf Angelfish and Yellow Tangs. In 2015, his lab at OI was the first to successfully culture the Yellow Tang, which is the most commercially important reef species in Hawaii. His lab works tirelessly to refine the culture of Yellow Tangs and many others with the intent of providing captive bred alternatives to wild-collected aquarium fish.

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