This is a live recording of a presentation given by our very own Ryan Batcheller at Reefapallooza California on August 13, 2022.

Join us as we step into the great beyond and start a new journey of reefing with an ALL NEW BRStv video series, 52 Weeks of Reefing - Season 2! 

Ryan discusses a new way of thinking about our reef aquariums that focuses solely on supporting the lives of the animals we keep. Taking inspiration from NASA and their approach to engineering life support systems that are developed to sustain human life in otherwise uninhabitable environments, we draw parallels to our own efforts at building captive reef ecosystems. We also reflect upon the invaluable lessons learned throughout the past 7 years and apply that experience to find success in not just one but multiple different types of aquariums.

What kind of reef tank do you think we should build?

  • Deepwater SPS 
  • NPS
  • SPS Dominant
  • Nano Reef
  • LPS Reef
  • Soft corals and macroalgae
  • Mangrove tank with clams
  • Clownfish harem with anemones
  • Aggressive predators
  • Fish only aquarium
  • Mixed Reef

Share your thoughts with us on the YouTube Channel in the comments section and stay tuned for more from BRStv. 


52 Weeks of Reefing

52 Weeks of Reefing Video Series #BRS160
The most popular reef tank build in the history of BRStv.  

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