We will take a look at how Cirrhilabrus behave in the wild, and how that behavior translates to keeping them in reef aquaria. With this understanding and some other basic requirements for keeping Cirrhilabrus, we will then dive into the compatibility of all the species in the genus with a focus on how to be successful mixing them in reef aquaria. Hunter Hammond, known on various forums as "evolved", is completely obsessed with wrasses. He is an Arizona native and a marine hobbyist who currently keeps a 270g peninsula reef in his living room featuring numerous rare wrasses. He is a leading expert on the captive care of all reef-safe wrasses. He has been in the marine hobby since 2009 and lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his devoted partner and their Thai Ridgeback dog. Online, he spends much of his reefing time as a moderator, expert contributor, and author on Reef2Reef.com. He has also authored articles for Reefs.com in the past. Locally, he has served as the vice president since 2014 of Arizona’s only MASNA reef club, AZ FRAG.