The Chrome Faucet Diverter Valve is a great solution that lets you connect your RO system to your household faucet without any permanent modifications. The adapter lets you either use your sink as normal or divert the flow through the faucet to your RODI system. 

  1. Turn the water supply off.
  2. Remove the aerator, or any mesh screens on the faucet exposing the faucets threads.
  3. Verify the position of the O-ring in the faucet diverter valve. It should be seating like the image below.
  4. Screw the diverter valve onto your faucet until it is snug and the body of the valve will not move. (The diverter valve has 55/64–27 threads and depending on your faucets threads you may need an adapter for a proper fit that can be purchased separately.
  5. Unscrew the compression fitting nut, and slide it over the RO tubing you wish to connect to the valve.
  6. Push the RO tubing over the barbed nipple on the valve.
  7. Slide the compression fitting nut back onto the valve, and screw it on hand tight.
  8. With the black valve handle straight down slowly turn your water supply back on.
  9. Turn the black handle 90 degrees. Water will now travel through the RO line to your system.
  10. Check for any leaks around the compression fitting and faucet threads.


If you have any other questions or need further help contact our reefing experts at 763-432-9691.