From installation and setup to using Mobius, our quick setup guide will help you get your Radion ready to go in no time. Don't worry, just because Thomas is using a Radion Blue in the video, these simple steps can be used to set up any model/size Radion. 

1. Mounting

First things first, open the package and verify you have all the correct components included in the Radion box as well as your chosen mounting solution. EcoTech Marine offers the RMS tank mount system as well as an easy suspension kit. No matter which route you choose, follow the instructions for proper mounting. 

The BRS Recommended mounting height for Radion fixtures is roughly 8" from the water's surface to achieve the optimal light spread. 

2. Mobius

Once the light is securely mounted, plug it into the wall being careful not to stare directly at the LED diodes because it's bright, really bright. Download the app "Mobius by C2 Development" from the App Store or Google Play. 

  1. Proceed to open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to create and set up your aquarium profile.
  2. Once you have the profile, the app will automatically search for unregistered EcoTech Marine devices. Your new Radion(s) should pop up quickly, select the check box, and hit next.**
  3. The app will then send necessary firmware updates to your Radion fixture.
  4. You be prompted to set up a passcode for your aquarium profile but you can skip this step if you don't want a passcode. Passcodes can always be created and enabled later on. 

**Mobius controls EcoTech Marine Radion Lighting as well as their Versa Dosing Pump and Vectra DC Return Pumps. When searching for devices, the app will show all Mobius Compatible EcoTech Marine products. If using more than just a Radion light, complete set up individually for each device.

3. Schedule

A colored wheel will display with a sun and moon indicating the start and end of your photoperiod. Set the times you want to turn your light on/off or simply move the icons on the wheel.  It defaults to a 9-hour photoperiod (recommended) with the appropriate sunrise/sunset setpoints automatically programmed. Click SET in the center of the wheel when your total photoperiod is correct. 

4. Spectrum

You will automatically be prompted to select a starting template to set the spectrum of the light, choose from the list by tapping on the desired template.

EcoTech Marine Preset Spectrums:

  • CoralLab AB+
  • PHX14
  • LPS/Soft
  • Radiant Color

The CoralLab AB+ is the wildly popular spectrum that was tested by captive coral growers to promote the best balance of growth and color in a reef tank. This is the best choice for those of you who are just not sure about the spectrum you want. Tapping on each of the spectrum boxes will bring up a short description if you want to learn more and compare the options.

On this screen, you have the option to adjust the photoperiod using that same color wheel previously shown should you wish to do so.  Click Activate to send the program to your Radion.

The Radion will automatically follow that program thereafter. You will not need to connect to the light or use the app ever again unless you find the need to make changes. We do advise against making frequent changes to your lighting because corals will adapt to your particular light schedule and changing things will simply stress them out. Take the "set it and forget it" approach.

5. Intensity

Once activated, you will be sent back to the lighting tab. From here, you can adjust your schedule intensity based on PAR goals. The Radion defaults to 50% of the maximum schedule intensity. You will need to use a PAR meter in order to measure the output of your Radion and fine-tune the schedule intensity based on your tank type. There are a variety of factors that will affect the PAR readings in your particular tank so using a PAR meter is the only way to know for sure you're reaching the PAR goals for your tank.

PAR Requirements based on tank type:

  • LPS Corals: 75 - 150 PAR
  • SPS Corals: 200 - 350 PAR

Watch Video: How to use a PAR Meter the RIGHT way! This is your 5-Minute Guide to PAR Meters

How to adjust Schedule Intensity:

  1. Click on Edit in the center of the color wheel.
  2. Click on "Schedule 50%" at the bottom of the screen. (Radion defaults to 50% schedule intensity)
  3. Adjust output intensity to increase or decrease ALL setpoints relative to each other.
  4. Click Done in the upper right.
  5. Click Save in the upper right to send the program to your light.

6. Setpoints and Additional Features (Required For Advanced Setup Only)

Within the lighting tab, you can enable Lunar Mode and Acclimation Mode by clicking the icons at the top of the screen.

You can also adjust the schedule setpoints by clicking on Edit in the middle of the color wheel. There really is no need to change the default setpoints. We only recommend changing the default setpoints or adding new ones for advanced reefers. You can save Swatches of your favorite settings for later use too. Across the top of the screen, you can switch between your daytime, moonlight, storm, and cloud cover settings, as well as access your saved swatches.