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The INOUT from XAQUA is a super compact and easy to install overflow and a return system in one!

Made out of thick molded plastic that is 100% reef safe, adding an overflow for a sump to your tank is now easier than ever!

  • Max Flow up to 660 GPH
  • Great for nano tanks
  • Installs in minutes
  • Molded barb fittings
  • Overflow and Return can be separated
  • Works with Freshwater or Saltwater



Every INOUT comes with a special return flow design that creates a gentle pulsing action as water travels from your return pump and then back into the tank. The wave-like effect does not require any electricity as it works off the energy from the water flowing through the INOUT. The return nozzle can be oriented in a variety of directions and even comes with an extra nozzle. The INOUT can be adapted to work with 1/2" Loc-line but does require modification and may affect the return flow characteristics.


The overflow section comes with a snap-on grill that helps keep snails, fish, and other debris from clogging the drain. The grill can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance if the need should arise. The design of the INOUT allows it to use a single drain design without much noise at all. We have found with higher flow rates the drain may become audible, but with lower flow systems it is completely silent.


How To Install?

Determine the mounting location for the INOUT and secure the drilling template in place on the tank, we suggest using strong adhesive tape since it will be getting wet during the drilling process. Drill the appropriately sized holes for the drain and return bulkhead to pass through your tank. Place the O-rings onto the threaded bulkhead fittings and fit the INOUT onto the exterior side of your aquarium. Secure the INOUT with the included nuts hand tight (do not overtighten). Attach the overflow grid and plumb the drain and return fittings with your favorite type of soft tubing.

The INOUT can be separated between the overflow and the return box if you want to have them in separate locations. Every overflow box has an easy to separate perforation that can stay intact or be cut with a sharp razor blade.


For easy plumbing check out the XAQUA Hose Kit



Exterior Dimensions - 4.7" L x 4" H x 2" W

Max Flow - 660 GPH

Drain Hole Size Required - 41.5mm - 44mm (we suggest using our 42mm Glass Drill Bit) 

Drain Plumbing Size - 40mm or 1.5" Soft Tubing

Return Hole Required Size - 27mm - 32mm (we suggest using our 30mm Glass Drill Bit) 

Return Plumbing Size - 23mm or 3/4" Soft Tubing


What's Included?

1x INOUT External Box

1x INOUT Internal Grid

2x Bulkhead Nuts

2x O-Rings

1x Spare Return Nozzles

1x Drilling Template

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