Turn Your BRS 4 Stage RODI System Into A 6 Stage Chloramine Fighting Machine!

Upgrading your Bulk Reef Supply 4 Stage RO/DI Value System to a 6 Stage Deluxe allows you to get ahead of those pesky chloramines and ensure proper tap water filtration for your particular water source. More and more municipal water sources are using chloramines which is a combo of chlorine and ammonia that works great for disinfecting water supplies. Compared to traditional chlorine, chloramines are really hard on your carbon block filters because it is difficult to remove and will exhaust your standard carbon block very quickly, allowing damaging chloramines into your membrane and DI filters.

BRS Value to Deluxe RO/DI Upgrade Kit

Our BRS Value To Deluxe Upgrade Kit is designed to add two additional stages to your 4 Stage RO/DI System. This allows you to run a dual carbon filter set up specifically for targeting chloramine removal along with an extra DI resin stage to help buffer the time in between necessary media changes and gives you just a bit more protection against harmful ammonia. Exactly the same kind of filtration and protection you get with any of our 6 Stage RO/DI Systems but without having to buy an entirely new system.

Value To Deluxe RO/DI Upgrade Kit Components

  • 2x Single Add-On Canister
  • 1x 6 Stage Deluxe Filter Kit
  • 1x Refillable Cartridge for Deionization Resin
  • 2x Single Cartridge Refill for Deionization Resin

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