Want to Display Your Macroalgae Refugium Without the Blurple Color? Tunze White Eco Chic LED

Tunze products gained popularity for their quality of construction and innovative engineering and the Eco-Chic Waterproof LED is a shining example of what makes Tunze products special. These tiny, magnetically mounted LED strips are perfect for lighting your refugium filled with macroalgae or lighting up a small display where your looking for that white, natural daylight appearance.

These 100% waterproof LED Lights are available in both a 10K color for an appealing visual appearance or a Blue/Red combo for maximum growth. No matter the application you get the clever magnetic holster with the option to mount either horizontally or perpendicular making them highly adaptable to various tank sizes or tight spaces down in your sump area. While only consuming a maximum of 10 watts, a single LED strip can cover an 18" x 12" area. That convenient mount combined with a slim profile makes it easy to use multiples and mount them side by side should you need to light a larger area.

Tunze Waterproof LED Lighting

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