Top 20 Nitrate & Phosphate Mistakes You're Making Right Now In Your Reef Tank

Learning to manage nutrient levels and overcome problems with nitrate and phosphate in your reef aquarium is something ALL hobbyists will have to apply in their reef tanks. Chances are, many of you are making some of these mistakes right now and maybe don't even know it! Check out our Top 20 Nitrate and Phosphate mistakes so you don't have the learn the hard way.

  1. Every single living organism on planet earth uses nitrogen and phosphorous.
  2. Nitrate and phosphate are no longer only about algae control.
  3. You can dose nitrate and phosphate back into your tank.
  4. Assuming all fish food has the same nitrogen and phosphorous ratios. 
  5. Thinking if the fish eats it, it's gone forever.
  6. Removing one without controlling the other. 
  7. Aiming for double zeros; starving the inhabitants.
  8. Not understanding what 0.03 PPM means.
  9. Not testing for nitrate and phosphate on a monthly basis.
  10. Chasing numbers rather than chasing trends.
  11. Not considering your corals are part of the filtration.
  12. Not tuning your refugium to meet your tank's nitrogen and phosphate input.
  13. Not tuning your filter socks to meet your tank's nitrogen and phosphate input.
  14. Not tuning your protein skimmer to meet your tank's nitrogen and phosphate input.
  15. Not tuning your carbon dosing to meet your tank's nitrogen and phosphate input.
  16. Considering water changes as a reasonable method of export.
  17. If your keeping near-zero nutrient levels the food and prey items are all that more important. 
  18. Phosphate can inhibit calcification and growth of corals.
  19. Calcium reactors, additives, and even some rock can add phosphate to your aquarium.
  20. Not understanding that this nitrate and phosphate conversation is evolving. 

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