Not All Silicate in Your Reef Tank Is Bad. Why Test Silicate? How to Use Salifert Silicate Test Kit

Silicate or Silica is an important nutrient for various organisms in your reef tank but is most often monitored because it fuels pesky diatom growth. Coincidently enough, some hobbyists are experimenting with silicate dosing to purposefully spark diatom growth and out-compete those dreaded dinoflagellates.

Salifert's Silicate Test kit is affordable costing only $0.27 per test and is very easy to use. The kit measures a wide range, starting as low as 0.03 ppm of Silicate all the way up through 15 ppm meaning its versatile, and will cover all your reef tank silicate testing needs. Whether your just trying to get a comprehensive picture of your water chemistry or solve a particular problem in your tank, Saliferts Silicate Test Kit is the way to go!

Salifert Test Kits

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