Copper Or Heavy Metals In Your Reef Tank?! Seachem CupriSorb Can Help Remove Them

Copper and various other heavy metals pose a risk to your corals and other reef tank invertibrates like clams, snails and crabs because if allowed to accumulate to toxic concentrations, it can be deadly. While many of us take every precaution against these contaminants, having a solution like Seachem Cuprisorb just might be the one thing that saves your reef tank from a catastrophe should things go wrong.

Seachem Cuprisorb Copper Remover

Seachem Cuprisorb Filter Media will safely remove copper and heavy metals from your saltwater aquarium. It is rechargeable and will NOT leach any of the absorbed contaminants back into your water after it has been absorbed. It is best used inside of a media bag with small enough pores to keep the small resin beads contained inside. You can then place that media bag in any area of high flow such as in between sump baffles, in a media basket, down in your filter sock and even inside a fluidized upflow media reactor.

Seachem Cuprisorb Copper Remover

How might you accumulate dangerous levels of copper or heavy metals?

  • Rust from magnets or metal parts
  • Tap water or poor quality RO/DI water contaminated with heavy metals
  • Accidental transfer of Copper from medication used in Quarantine Tanks

While Cuprisorb is a great tool to keep on hand at all times, it should only be used as needed. Trace levels of heavy metals are normal and required by your tank's inhabitants to thrive and Cuprisorb will remove those trace levels. ICP testing and the Hanna Instruments Copper Checker are great tools to monitor your water chemistry and detect a situation in which Cuprisorb should be employed.

Seachem Cuprisorb Copper Remover

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