Simple Reef Tank Lighting, Easy to Use Power! Red Sea ReefLED 160s

The ReefLED 160S is the final addition to Red Sea's line up of reef tank LED lighting and is designed to illuminate those wider, deeper tanks beyond the typical 24" width and depth. Per their own output testing, the 160S can deliver sufficient output (100 PAR) at depths of 30" or more and a single pendant will effectively cover a 32" x 32" area. That means you can more efficiently light your large tank using less light fixtures without suffering from severe hot spots or ultimately finding the need for supplements like T5 bulbs or additional LED strips.

Red Sea ReefLED 160S PAR

All of the Red Sea ReefLED lights are a truly set-it and forget it and designed with ease of use in mind. They are Wifi capable right out of the box and give you access to the ReefBeat app where you can set the spectrum based on visual preference, customize the photoperiod and enable acclimation and lunar cycle features. Notifications, preset spectrums and schedules as well as weather effects are also built right into the app.

Red Sea ReefLed ReefSpec App

The aptly named Reef Spec color spectrum and tuning is somewhat unique. The LED diodes are chosen specifically to produce the light spectrum corals naturally experience without any modification to color ratios required. What this means for you is that the output spectrum cannot be tuned outside the range that is safe for corals. There is no risk of creating a dangerous spectrum within the app yet you still get the flexibility to customize the appearance. They even have built in warnings that will let you know if any of your customizations in the app are going to pose a particular risk.

Red Sea ReefLED 160S Package

As the name implies, your dealing with a total of 160 watts. The pendant itself measures only 6.9" x 6.1" x 2.5" and can easily be suspended or mounted to the side of your tank using one of the available mounting solutions that are sold separately. The entire densly packed LED board is located behind their stadium shaped lens which blends the light into a uniform spectrum and creates that 32" wide area of light. Red Sea includes an optional clip-on visor that will help cut back light spill if you find that wide spread is just too much for your particular situation.

Red Sea ReefLED 16 LED Light Fixture

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