The Aqamai KPS & KPM pumps are two incredible little pumps because they are affordable but also give the user detailed control via an app. Having the ability to create a fully customizable flow schedule will maximize your opportunity to provide the flow your corals need to grow and thrive. Like most other equipment in the reef-keeping hobby, the initial purchase is just the beginning. Properly programming your pump to operate specifically for your system is far more important.

Aqamai Pump Setup

What’s In The Box?

  • The Pump
  • Controller
  • Power Supply
  • Cable Management Accessories
  • User Manual

Aqamai Pump Setup

Setup Guide

In order to begin setting up your Aqamai pump, you will need an IOS or Android smart device such as a smartphone or tablet. Then simply download the "Aqamai" application from the App Store or Google Play.

  1. Connect the pump cable to the controller and then the power cable to the controller. Lastly, plug the two-prong cord into the power brick. You can also install the cable protector if you have any livestock that may be interested in messing around with the power cord.
  2. Figure out where you would like to mount your controller. Try to keep it away from any splashing, dripping water and humidity.
  3. Place the magnetic mount in the tank where you would like the pump to go and place the outer magnet against the tank panel to hold the magnetic mount in place.
  4. Then you are ready to place your pump directly into the magnetic mount and pivot it to where you want to aim the flow.
  5. Plug the pump into an outlet and open the Aqamai app.
  6. Once you sign in to an account, you can select the “Research Device” button and pair your pump by selecting it from the wifi menu. You will then enter “12345678” for your password and your phone will automatically pair up with your pump.
  7. You can then go back to the app and select the “Manage” button to see your pump and begin the programming process.

Aqamai KPS Pump Setup

Flow Modes & Programming

To get an idea of the capabilities of your pump, you can select the “Demo” button next to the name of your pump where you can see the different flow modes and play around with their settings including frequency and intensity. When you are done in the demo mode, you can select the back arrow to return to the main menu.

Aqamai KPS Pump Setup


Aqamai has created a library of sets for reefers who simply want to select a flow program that will work well for the type of system that they have. In order to access these, you will want to click the button under your pump that says “Select Set” then, you can scroll through them and select one that suits your needs. You can also tap the eye icon on the right to see a preview of this flow. If you are happy with that set, you can select it and confirm that you want to create it and save it to your pump.

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Creating Your Own Set

It is also possible to create your own set or daily schedule by clicking the “+” button in the top right corner of the screen and naming it. You can either start from scratch or from one of their other pre-set options.

If you start from scratch you will see a blank page of 30-minute slots that cover 24 hours and you can select each one to pick a unique flow mode, frequency, and intensity you would like to run during that time period. You can click the gear icon on each of these modes to customize them and they can then be saved to your schedule. If you don’t want to program each slot individually you can drag modes across multiple slots and if you make a mistake you can simply select the trash icon to delete it from a particular spot. Feed modes can also be incorporated into your schedule to accommodate an auto feeder or if you manually feed during a specific time.

When you are finished, you can click the checkmark in the top right corner to save and send it to your pump right away or save it to your sets to be applied later. By saving it to your sets, the custom schedule can also be applied to any Aqamai pump you add in the future.