Unmatched power, intelligent color mixing, and jaw-dropping shimmer make the new A500X Tuna Blue LED Light from Kessil a shining star in the reef lighting space. Their strongest single point-source pendant to date, the A500X was specifically designed to light large, SPS dominant reef tanks with enough power to penetrate through depths of 36" or more. 

Kessil A500X LED Light

What’s In The Box?

  • A500X LED Light
  • 55 Degree Reflector
  • Mounting hardware
  • Power supply+ cables
  • Kessil sticker
  • Warranty and quick start guides

Kessil A500X Front View

The Specs: 

The A500X draws a maximum of 185 watts and it uses the same size dense-matrix X-series LED board and optics as the A360X, but with double the number of diodes. That means the spread and coverage are about the same as the Kessil A360X but, you are getting nearly twice the output meaning more PAR where your corals need it. Kessil has dubbed the A500X their LED fixture of choice for SPS dominant aquariums, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t compatible with a plethora of other tank varieties. The controllable output and spectrum mean you can easily tune the light for a mixed reef, especially over deep aquariums or situations that require lighting to be mounted high above the water level. 

Kessil A500X Spectrum and dimensions

The Size and Spectrum:

Despite its increased power, the A500X is still quite compact with a diameter of only 5.2” and a height of just 3.7”. The small profile and lightweight design make it easy to accommodate various mounting options and provides a very contemporary aesthetic over your reef tank. 

In terms of spectrum, you get the famed Kessil "Tuna Blue" with integrated Kessil Logic which allows you to adjust the physical appearance of the light from white to blue without affecting the usable spectrum for your corals. You can't mess up the spectrum but you still have complete control over the appearance and intensity.

Kessil A500 Narrow Reflector

Reflector Options:

A 55-degree reflector is built into the A500X right out of the box and is designed for a maximum spread of 36" left to right. A 35-Degree reflector can be purchased separately and will focus the energy into a tighter angle and is designed for those who need their light to penetrate all the way down to depths of 36"- 48". 

Kessil A500X On-board Control

Control Options:

When paired with the Kessil Wifi Dongle, the A500X can be controlled through the Kessil smartphone application. In this app, reefers can create a full schedule and tweak the spectrum of the light to suit their needs. You can get similar levels of control using the Kessil Spectral Controller X which connects directly via a hardwire.  For those who prefer to keep things simple, like all previous Kessil LEDs, you also have the onboard control knobs giving you manual control over both color and intensity. 


Kessil A500X Tank Mount

Mounting Options:

All of the mounting options for the Kessil A360X are compatible with the A500X. This includes both the Flexible Gooseneck as well as the A-Series Mounting Arm. Additionally, suspension hardware for direct mounting to a canopy or the ceiling is included right inside the box.