Coralline Algae growth is a sign of a healthy reef aquarium, with favorable water parameters for growing corals. But in addition to creating ideal surfaces for corals and beneficial bacteria, it can also clog up your equipment if left unchecked. We'll show you how to strike this perfect balance by keeping coralline algae in all the places you want, and out of all the places you don't.

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00:10 - What is Coralline Algae?

00:41 - What animals eat it?

00:53 - Why Do I want it in my tank?

01:10 - How can I encourage its growth?

02:40 - Proper lighting

03:19 - Introducing it to your tank

04:03 - Artificial reef rock alternative

04:19 - But how much coralline is too much?

04:44 - How to remove unwanted coralline algae

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