Hanna Nitrate Checker: Specialized for Low Range Nitrate Readings. Not Your Average Reef Test Kit!

Until now, getting accurate low-range nitrate measurements in reef tanks has been next to impossible. Typical aquarium test kits have a really difficult time providing reliable accuracy below 5 ppm and scientific grade testing equipment is just not an economical option for aquarists.

The Hanna Instrument Nitrate Checker Colorimeter was designed specifically for testing ULNS - Ultra Low Nutrient Systems where its critical to have accurate nitrate measurements from 0 - 5 ppm. As with all of the Hanna Checkers, the checker device is small enough to neatly store away under your tank, provides results within just a few minutes and includes the necessary tools and reagents to produce guess-free results each and every time.

Hanna Instruments Nitrate Checker

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