Eshopps S-Series Protein Skimmers: Classic Sicce Driven Skimmers at a Less Than Classic Price


The eShopps S-Series Space Saving G4 Protein Skimmers strike that perfect balance of affordability and premium performance we rarely find with saltwater aquarium gear. They are packed with high-end features that allow for hassle-free waste removal and adjustments without the premium price tag.

Check out these features! 

  • Titanium Screws
  • Adjustable airflow and silencer
  • Proprietary EDDY bubble plate
  • Twist-off base plate
  • Quick-release pump lock
  • Sicce PSK water pump
  • Transparent venturi
  • Stylish clear and blue cast acrylic
  • Effortless internal water level control


eShopps Protein Skimmers


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