The beauty of a reef tank doesn't just stop at the animals and corals inside the display. Filtration systems and equipment can be just as impressive. The Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Dual Dosing Reservoir exemplifies how an ordinary piece of reefing gear, typically designed for function alone, can be elevated to a whole new level maximizing both form and function.

The dual one-gallon reservoirs designed to store two-part solution or any other additive of your choice rests upon a milled PVC base retrofitted with RGB LEDs.  The threaded PVC lids come with grooves for easy gripping and a rigid down-stem that allows you to inject your dosing tube all the way down to the bottom of the dosing container so you are not left wasting solution. The fancy RGB lit base allows the user to set the mood or simply show off to your friends and includes a remote that allows you to switch between various colors and lighting modes.

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Like all Royal Exclusiv products, they are 100% hand-made in Germany with the highest quality of construction.


  • Base Dimensions: 11.81"L x 5.91"W x 19.09"H
  • Tube and Base Dimensions: 4.72”W (diameter) / 5.51”W x 14.45”H (base) 
  • Reservoir Volume (each): 1 gallon (3.6 liters)