If you want to employ a calcium reactor for your reef tank, the CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 Regulator is the most consistent and reliable CO2 regulator you can use to control your CO2. Say goodbye to finicky needle valves and sticky solenoids and say hello to CarbonDoser.

CarbonDoser Package Contents

What's In The Box

  • CarbonDoser CO2 Regulator
  • Check Valve
  • Tubing
  • Power Supply
  • Instructions

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Controller Components

  • The Black Box: This box houses an extremely accurate valve that opens and closes in 1/4000th of a second and aids in the bubble counting process.
  • The Knob: Controls output and is a much more precise version of a needle valve.
  • The LED Indicator: Replaces a traditional bubble counter because it will blink red every time a bubble or portion of CO2 is released.


Traditional CO2 regulators can be very difficult to use because Calcium Reactors require a very consistent output of CO2 which is tough, if not impossible to accomplish with standard regulators and control devices. The CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 Regulator includes everything you need to provide a consistent stream of CO2 and allows for a significantly wider range of control. It is also versatile in its applications and will thread onto any CO2 cylinder.

The magic is in the way it works, the CarbonDoser is a comprehensive regulator that includes a unique electronic control dial that replaces the need for a needle valve, electronic solenoid, and bubble counter.  The high-quality valve components inside the regulator and electronic control device combine to provide the user with easy to control, reliable CO2 output. 

Carbondoser CO2 Regulator


With the CarbonDoser screwed directly into your CO2 bottle, you can adjust both the bubble size using the main valve and the bubble frequency using the knob on the black box. The LED indicator will blink every time a portion or bubble of CO2 is released. Connecting the device to your pH controller will then turn the output of CO2 on/off as needed based on the pH inside your calcium reactor and you will be ready to start tuning your calcium reactor water flow based on alkalinity and calcium levels.

Most standard CO2 regulators allow you to make adjustments in bubbles per second, the CarbonDoser is significantly more controllable as it allows you to adjust in seconds between CO2 bubbles. There are two pressure gauges too, the first is your "tank pressure gauge" that measures how much CO2 pressure is left in your cylinder so you know when to fill it and the second "working pressure gauge" will read the output pressure you are sending to the reactor which helps monitor/control the bubble size.  

Additional Tips

  • The power supply on this unit can be plugged into your PH or aquarium controller to shut off the flow of CO2.
  • Make sure the valve is completely closed before installing it on the CO2 bottle.
  • CO2 cylinders are under a lot of pressure and can be dangerous.
  • Read the directions, like most any other piece of aquarium equipment, reading the directions is important to get a full grasp of the operational capabilities of this unit.