Ready To Make Your Own RODI Water At Home For Your Saltwater Aquarium CHEAP?! BRS 4-Stage RODI Unit

Bulk Reef Supply offers eight different 4 stage RO/DI systems and there are some significant differences between the systems that will dictate the right solution for you and your tank.

Value vs Value Plus

The Value and Value Plus systems are built with the same quality components and include the exact same carbon block, sediment, DOW Filmtec RO membrane, and nuclear grade DI resin filters right out of the box. The difference between the two is in the included accessories. The most economical VALUE systems are bare-bones with no additional accessories required to monitor and maintain your RO/DI system. The VALUE PLUS on the other hand comes completely assembled with a high-quality Glycerin Filled Pressure Gauge to monitor input water pressure, a Dual-Stage Inline TDS Meter for measuring PPM, and an Inline Flush-Valve for clearing your membrane of built-up debris.

75 GPD vs 100 GPD

By definition GPD = Gallons Per Day which is the rate at which the system will produce purified 0 TDS RO/DI water. This is ultimately dictated by the membrane combined with the appropriate flow restrictor. There is also a performance difference in that your 75 GPD is the best option to provide a balance between TDS removal and lower DI consumption. The 100 GPD has a slightly less efficient rejection rate meaning you could burn through filters a little faster compared to 75 GPD membrane, but your also producing RO/DI water faster so choose based on what matters to you most.

BRS Value and Value Plus RO/DI Systems Side By Side

Water Saver Units

These are the most expensive units and both come with a dual membrane setup ( Water Saver Upgrade ) designed to reduce the wastewater and produce RO/DI water faster. This is accomplished by using two RO membranes, wastewater from the first membrane is then filtered by the second membrane. Both of the product water lines are then combined back together for double the production rate and half the waste. Great for use in places where water is scarce/expensive or those of you looking after your water waste habits. A 150 GPD Water Saver uses two 75 GPD membranes and your 200 GPD Water Saver uses two 100 GPD membranes and the same efficiency performance is to be expected with your higher production rate burning through filter cartridges and resin faster.

Which RO/DI System Is Right For You?

The good news, you can easily upgrade any of our systems to a 5, 6, or 7 stage system should your particular situation require it. You can also add the Water Saver Upgrade, Booster Pumps, Pressure Gauges, and various other accessories without much effort. So if you are just not sure which features are important to you, following the crowd and picking up the most popular 4 Stage Value Plus is going to be your best bet. Save money upfront and only purchase the upgrades you need down the road while still getting the purified water you need and the necessary tools to monitor and maintain your RO/DI system properly.

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