An ATO Reservoir Worth Showing Off! Innovative Marine Hydrofill Auto Top Off Reservoir

Innovative Marine Auqa Gadgets cover a wide range of clever solutions to mundane reef tank tasks making your life just a bit easier when it comes to aquarium maintenance. The Hydrofill ATO Reservoir is a glass auto top-off reservoir designed for discrete mounting in your aquarium stand or inside a cabinet. It is available in both a 5 gallon and 15-gallon capacity to accommodate most tanks up to 250+ gallons.

How to fill the Innovative Marine ATO Reservoir

The unique fill-drawer makes it easy to fill the water holding area without having to remove the entire reservoir out from underneath your tank. A plastic carboy or any water container with a spout allows you to simply carry the water to your tank, pull the drawer funnel, and fill your reservoir without making a mess or spilling water. The sturdy glass construction means you can quickly view the remaining water level. It looks nice too so if you can't fit the freshwater reservoir under your tank, having it set out in the open next to the tank will not be such an eyesore.

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