The most popular, cheapest, stickiest and easiest coral glues? BRS's Best of 2019!

BRS Extra Thick Super Glue Gel

Most popular

Leading the pack in terms of units sold in 2019 is the BRS Extra Thick Gel. This is an easy to use gel form cyanoacrylate that is available in three sizes. Although the 20gram medium-sized plastic bottle is the most popular, the smaller 1oz tube version is great for application underwater because it will not draw water back into the container when the gel is squeezed out. Perfect for gluing frags to plugs or onto your rocks and a larger 10 oz bottle is available for use when aquascaping.

Bob Smith Industries IC-GEL

Best price and runner up for most popular

In terms of coming in a practical size for most reefers, the 50gram IC-Gel is your best-priced option. Although the obnoxiously large BRS Extra Thick 10oz bottle is technically cheaper per gram, the large bottle is not practical for 90% of hobbyists who only use the glue for fragging. Bob Smith Industries IC-Gel is perfect for gluing frags underwater because of the gel consistency and tube style container. It just so happens to also be the 2nd most popular option among our customers right behind the BRS Extra Thick Gel.

PolypLab Premium Coral Frag Glue

Thickest consistency

Gel form cyanoacrylate glue has proven to be the best form for securing frags because a small dollop will stay in place and securely hold your frag without making a mess. Of all the options, the Polyp Lab is the thickest and also cures fast with the best of them. It comes in a small 4gram tube in either a 7 pack or 25 pack grenade. The small tube is ideal because once opened, the glue tends to cure up within a short time thereafter so having of a few of the “single-use” tubes in your artillery is convenient and avoids glue waste likely making it one of the more economical options as well.

EcoTech Marine Coral Glue

Fastest curing

This one was a close race with Polyp Lab but we can’t go without mentioning the EcoTech Coral Glue started to cure up and form a solid crust faster than any of the others. The gel forms are desirable but we trade off the cure time for this gel consistency so you still need to hold the frag in place for 10-30 seconds or more. It comes in two larger sizes, a 75 mL and 295 mL resealable plastic bottle.

Maxspect Glue Gun

Easy to use

Maxspect released the Coral Glue Gun last year which created a lot of buzz because it is definitely the quickest and most mess-free way to apply glue to frags. You can quickly apply an even amount of glue without touching the container or getting it on your hands. The caulk gun type design is resealable making it suitable for multiple uses and you can purchase 50gram glue gun refill tubes separately.

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