Best of 2019 Foods

Piscine Energetics PE Pellets

Most popular dry food

Wild harvested Mysis shrimp that is naturally gut loaded with phytoplankton is the main source of protein in these high-quality pellets. Essential nutrients and vitamins are added to create a nutritionally complete diet. They are available in 3 sizes: 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm pellets to accommodate various sizes of saltwater fish in your reef tank.


Reef Nutrition TDO ChromaBOOST

Most popular dry food runner up and Best in Show

Almost identical in formulation to the Neptune CD Crossover Diet, TDO ChromaBOOST is a widely popular dry pellet food available in 7 different particle sizes ranging from tiny granules all the way up to a large 2.3mm pellet. The food’s trademark is their proprietary astaxanthin rich formula which promotes healthy immune systems and vibrant colors within your fish.


Neptune Systems CD Crossover Diet

Most popular dry food runner up

Manufactured by Reef Nutrition the Neptune Systems CD is a 1.7mm pellet designed specifically for easy dispersal using the Neptune Systems Automatic Fish Feeder (AFS). Similar to the TDO ChromaBOOST, the pellets are top-coated with a fine powder of Haematococcus Algae that disperses through the water column for filter feeding corals and invertebrates while the pellets stay intact for your fish to consume.


Hikari Seaweed Extreme Pellets

Most popular pellets for herbivores

Hikari’s herbivorous pellets are made up of 67% seaweed yet come in a convenient pellet form for easy application without the mess and hassle of using natural seaweed. The pellets are dense with plant-based proteins so that your Tang’s, Blennies and other herbivores will receive maximum nutrition with each and every bite.


Two Little Fishies Sea Veggies

Most popular seaweed

Natural green seaweed is compressed into large flat sheets that can be clipped inside your tank to allow your grazers to naturally pick small morsels of food throughout the day. Seaweed is critical in providing a complete and balanced diet for the variety of herbivorous fish found in reef tanks including Tangs, Blennies, Rabbitfish and even some Angelfish. Allowing your fish to naturally graze throughout the day helps reduce aggression and allows them to feed in the exact manner they would in the wild.


Hikari Bio-Pure Frozen Mysis

Most popular frozen food

10.5% protein and 1% fat make up this high-quality bio-encapsulated frozen mysis shrimp from Hikari that is the best selling frozen food on our site. Not surprising is the fact that it is also one of the best priced frozen foods that manages to maintain an excellent quality that is free from harmful bacteria, parasites and foul odors. Hikari also offers a higher protein version, the Frozen Canadian Mysis which is the same high-quality freshwater mysis shrimp used by Piscine Energetics.


Rod's Food Original Blend

Most popular frozen food runner up and Best in Show

Rod's food claim to fame is the multi-ingredient formula that is made from small bits of natural seafood along with Seaweed, Brocolli and Carrots. When thawed and broadcast into your tank you can clearly see small bits of things like Shrimp, Krill, Scallops, Squid and even Octopus! The food is enriched with astaxanthin, beta-carotene, garlic, and omega-3 fatty acids (DHA) as well to provide a complete diet for all of your fish, corals and invertibrates. A single food that can provide balanced nutrition for all of the animals in your tank.


Piscine Energetics PE Mysis

Most popular frozen food runner up

Preferred by hobbyists and aquaculture professionals, PE Mysis is one of the best food sources for your tank. Invasive Canadian Mysis Shrimp are collected from a glacer fed lake in northern Canada then frozen whole to preserve maximum nutritional value. The cool part about PE Mysis is that the collection for use in aquariums is drastically helping to curb the disastrous effects of these invasive shrimp that compete with the native salmon fry for phytoplankton in the lake.


Bulk Reef Supply Golden Pearls

Highest protein dry food

BRS Golden Pearls contains 55% protein which is the highest protein content of any food we carry. Designed for feeding fish through the larval stage of development during captive breeding, the tiny granules are an excellent addition to home made food preparations or as a supplement to your prepared foods regime. With such a high protein content, even the smallest amount will give your fish a boost of protein for optimal growth.


Hikari Mega-Marine

Highest protein frozen food

Hikari's multi-ingredient blend comes in at 13.2% protein and is designed to feed your entire tank. It comes in a convenient blister pack of preportioned 1.5" cubes for easy and mess free feeding. Being a blend, it is made of a wide variety of ocean based ingredients such as Clams, Urchin, Sea Worms, Clams, and Mussels that is then enriched with Spirulina algae.


Bulk Reef Supply Freeze Dried Calanus

Highest fat content in a dry food

At 26% fat, the BRS Calanus contains more fat than any other food we stock and comes in with 49% protein and 400 ppm of Astaxanthin. It is a small particle sized food that is great for small or finicky fish and the high nutrient content ensures optimal nutrition is delivered.


Piscine Energetics Frozen Calanus

Highest fat content in a frozen food

Being the same protein source, Calanus, as the highest protein dry food it makes sense the frozen version of the same thing wins for highest fat in a frozen food. Calanus is a small copepod perfectly sized for small fish and specialized feeders that need a nutrient dense food particle to receive enough nutrients and energy to survive in capativity.

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