AquaIllumination is ringing in the new year with an all-new smart LED light that we believe to be one of the most versatile and efficient lighting solutions to date. At first glance, the Blade LED may not strike you as anything new or innovative but don't let those preconceived notions of strip lighting fool you. These unassuming strip lights are among the best-performing reef tank LEDs we have ever seen and we have the data to prove it!

Whether you're looking for a stand-alone lighting solution or want to further improve your existing setup, the Blade LEDs will not disappoint. 

AquaIllumination Blade - What's In The Box

LED Light Spectrum Simplified

The Blade LEDs take a uniquely simple approach to spectrum making it incredibly easy to choose the right fixture(s) for your tank. There are four different spectrum blends that don't require any modification to be successful. The diodes are blended exactly as you need them to produce a safe and usable spectrum and each color channel is intended to operate at an equal output percentage. No more guessing - just simple, proven spectrums that produce results. 

AquaIllumination Blade Coral Grow LED Strip
A proven spectrum with the perfect blend of blue and white and spectral peaks corals need to thrive. Use stand-alone or in combination with Coral Glow to achieve an optimal color spectrum.
AquaIllumination Blade Coral Glow LED Strip
Designed for maximum fluorescence, Coral Glow engages UV violet and blue LEDs to focus on bringing out the colors of your reef. Best used in combination with Coral Grow or as a supplement to your existing LEDs.
AquaIllumination Blade Refugium LED Strip
Tailored to promote maximum photosynthesis among your macroalgae, the Blade Refugium features blue, UV, white, and red LED diodes. (Coming Soon)
AquaIllumination Blade Freshwater LED Strip
A full-spectrum LED that supports lush plant growth while also creating a brilliantly satisfying appearance that renders colors naturally.

End-to-End Coverage

The Blade Coral Glow, Grow, and Freshwater fixtures are available in 7 different fixture lengths. Select the fixture that most closely matches your tank's dimensions to achieve coverage across your entire aquarium. The LEDs are grouped into clusters, with each cluster containing 6 pucks with four LED diodes in each puck. This effectively spreads the diodes out allowing the fixture to produce usable PAR across the entire length of the fixture. Blade Refugium is available in 12" model only.

AquaIllumination Blade Sizing
AquaIllumination Blade LED Clusters

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Outstanding Performance

One of the most impressive features of the Blade series fixtures is the even spread and color-blending achieved using their EdgeField Optics. Even when mounted close to the water's surface the all-new optics produce a well-blended, even distribution of PAR across the coverage area while also providing a crisp, natural shimmer. This relatively wide even spread of light reduces shadows and produces results that rival even the most highly regarded LED lights in the hobby. 

AquaIllumination Blade Light Distrobution
AquaIllumination Blade with Prime LED
AquaIllumination Blade LED - Light Spread

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When calculated against over 50 other LED lights the Blade Coral Grow provided the lowest cost per PAR ratio meaning it's the most cost-effective light we have tested to date. Combine this value with even coverage and you get one of the most effective and versatile LEDs money can buy.

The fixtures are passively cooled meaning they don't make any noise and are rated IP66 water-resistant so you won't have to worry about moisture damage, even when mounted close to the water's surface. 

AquaIllumination Blade Side Profile

Stand-Alone or Mix & Match

While the Coral Glow is a perfectly capable stand-alone spectrum designed for PAR efficiency, you can combine it with the Coral Glow to get the best of both power and fluorescence. Using the Grow and Glow fixtures at a 2:1 ratio respectively is recommended for peak performance but using one of each is perfectly acceptable in situations where less light is required. 

If you are looking to boost the performance of your existing light solution, the slim profile of the Blade smart strips makes them incredibly easy to use as a supplement. AquaIllumination has created a number of different mounting options too so no matter your situation, you can almost certainly take advantage of the Blade. 

AquaIllumination Blade Mounting


The 12, 21, 30, and 39-inch fixtures include sliding tank brackets (pictured above) while the larger 48, 57, and 66-inch fixtures include HMS clips for use with the AquaIllumination HMS mounting system. Elevated tank mounts, suspension kits, and hybrid brackets will also be available separately. For those of you who prefer the DIY route, each Blade fixture features a threaded M8 screw port on each end so you can make your own mounts and attach using standard M8 Screws.

Easy Wireless Control

To round out the incredible convenience these smart LED strips offer, the setup and programming are intuitive and quick using the myAI or Mobius app on your phone. Simply download the preferred app from your app store (iOS or Android), connect wirelessly to your Blade fixtures using Bluetooth LE technology, and follow the on-screen prompts to get your light setup in a matter of minutes. 

Programming Blade Smart LED Strip

Upon setup, you have the option to use a preset light schedule or create your own custom schedule. The preset route is highly recommended because it's easy, yet flexible. After the initial setup using a preset, you can always go back into the settings to change/add setpoints. 

Each of the fixtures does offer individual color channel adjustments but remember, the spectrums are optimized with all color channels running at an equivalent percentage. To adjust the overall intensity, change each color channel by the exact same percentage in order to retain the optimized spectrum. 


The Blade Smart Strip LED is an extremely versatile and effective light solution for any type of aquarium - freshwater and saltwater alike. Whether you're using the Blade as a standalone lighting solution or looking to create a hybrid and integrate the blade into your existing lighting setup, the variety of unique mounting solutions makes it easy. 

New Blade Mounting Solutions - Shop Now

Blade LED Mounting Compatibility Chart

  Tank Rest Elevated Mount Clips Hanging Kit Hybrid Kit
Blade 12” Included
Blade 21” Included
Blade 30” Included
Blade 39” Included
Blade 48” Not recommended Not recommended Included
Blade 57” Not recommended Not recommended Included
Blade 66” Not recommended Not recommended Included
Blades (2) + Hydra/Radion N/A N/A N/A x1 x1
Blades (2) + x2 Hydra/Radion N/A N/A N/A x1 x2
Blades (2) + x3 Hydra Radion N/A N/A N/A x1 x2


  HMS Single Arm HMS Double Arm Multi-Light RMS HMS/RMS Hanging Kit Single Light RMS
Tank Rest N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Elevated Mount N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Clips Not recommended Not compatible Not compatible Not compatible
Hanging Kit N/A N/A N/A N/A
Hybrid Kit Not recommended


Low Profile Tank Rests

Low-Profile Tank Rests


Included with all Blade fixtures 39" or smaller, the flush tank mounts rest right on the side walls of your aquarium. This low-profile solution is great for fish-only and freshwater aquariums where illumination is the primary goal. The wide-angle output of the Blade achieves sufficient illumination even when mounted close to the water's surface and the IP66-rated water resistance means you won't have to worry about moisture damage to the light fixture.


Elevated Tank Rests

Elevated Tank Rests


The elevated tank mounts rest on the edge of your aquarium and elevate a single Blade LED to sit 4" from the top rim. This will allow for a more efficient spread of light into saltwater reef aquariums and freshwater planted tanks where full coverage is important. The elevated tank rests are compatible with Blade LEDS measuring 39" or less. For longer Blade LEDs measuring 48" or more, the mounting clips with HMS arm, hanging kit, or hybrid mount are recommended.


HMS/RMS Mounting Clips

HMS Mounting Clips


These low-profile clips will secure any size of Blade LED to the AquaIllumination HMS Rail system. The included screws slide right into the aluminum tracks and will tighten down to hold them in place. The most common application would be 1-3 Blade Lights on an HMS Single Arm mounted on the back of the tank with the Blade resting perpendicular to the ARM. Two arms would be required for Blades 21" or longer.


Hybrid Kits

Hybrid Blade Mount Kits


This is the best use case for hobbyists with existing high-output LEDs that wish to use the Blade LEDs as fill light and achieve better illumination over a reef aquarium. The Hybrid kits include two brackets that will attach to any Hydra, or Radion LED light and allow for easy attachment of one Blade on each side. The Hybrid kit requires a separate hanging kit, HMS, or RMS mounting solution to be successfully mounted over the top of an aquarium.  


Hanging Kits

Multi- Light Hanging Kit


A low-profile multi-light solution that works will all lengths of Blade lights and comes in three different sizes to accommodate three, four, or six light setups. Each kit includes x2 tracks and the appropriate number of attachment clips for each light. The tracks will attach directly to the Blade lights with the included hardware and will require a separate HMS or RMS hanging kit to be successfully suspended over the top of an aquarium.