The Aqua Illumination Prime 16 Freshwater is the perfect spectrum for lighting up a display refugium. The white spectrum promotes photosynthesis among the macroalgae while also helping show off the natural colors of both the fish and algae inside the tank. Remy gives us a quick step-by-step tutorial specifically geared for setting up an Aqua Illumination Prime 16 HD over a macroalgae tank including the appropriate spectrum and light schedule. 

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Aqua Illumination
  1. Prime 16 LED Freshwater Light - Black Body
    Prime 16 LED Freshwater Light - Black Body

  2. Prime 16 LED Freshwater Light - White Body
    Prime 16 LED Freshwater Light - White Body

  3. Prime Flex Arm - 18 Inch
    Prime Flex Arm - 18 Inch

  4. Prime LED Tank Mount - Black
    Prime LED Tank Mount - Black


1. Mount the fixture

Of course, you need to choose the appropriate mounting option first. Aqua Illumination has a few different options in the way of mounting the Prime series fixtures and just be sure it is securely attached to your tank before proceeding to supply power and setup the light. 

2. Download myAI App for iOS or Android

The app is free, easily searchable in the app store, and is available for both iOS or Android based devices. 

3. Pair the Prime 16 Freshwater Light via Bluetooth

Be sure the Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone or tablet then proceed to follow the onscreen instructions to pair your Prime 16 with your device. After pairing, your going to add/name your tank and will land on the dashboard for your tank and any paired devices. If you are using Aqua Illumination Nero pumps, they can also be added to the same tank in the app so everything can be controlled from the same page. 

4. Learn the app

At this point, it's not a bad idea to explore the buttons on the main dashboard.  The four buttons outlined below change the status of the fixtures between the different modes.  

  • Live Demo: This allows you to play with the spectrum and the light will change in real-time as you move the color sliders. 
  • Lights On: Turns the lights on with all channels at 100% for a set amount of time then turns off automatically.
  • Enable Schedule: Enables the saved schedule.
  • Feed Mode: Turns on feed mode if applicable.

At the bottom, there are three icons that allow you to switch between the dashboard, schedule, and settings pages within the app. 

5. Set the spectrum and schedule

In a macroalgae display tank, you want to shoot for a color spectrum in the 5000 - 6500K range. Natural daylight that appears white to your eyes with maybe a warm tint to it.

  1. Tap on the Schedule icon at the bottom of the dashboard
  2. Tap the "Easy Setup" icon in the middle
  3. Choose your sunrise and sunset times
  4. Set Remy's Recommended Spectrum as follows
    • Blue 50%
    • Green 70%
    • Red 70%
    • Moonlight 60%
    • Warm White 50%
    • Cool White 30%
  5. Tap Done

**Pro Tip: Don't forget to keep the mesh screen on top of the fixture clean. The fan is located under that screen and it will collect dust. The small metal tool included with your light makes removing that screen easy.  Keeping that free of dust and debris will ensure the lights do not overheat.