In part 3 of the Macroalgae build, Remy gets some blinds for his blossoming BRStv studio and completes the aquascape in his Macro tank. He talks about equipment placement, cycling the tank, and getting ready for live macroalgae. If you are just joining us, be sure to check out PART 1 and  PART 2 where Remy contemplates growing algae on purpose and then his plans for the tank and details equipment choices. 

Minimalist Aquascape

This minimalist macro AquaMaxx 9.1 algae build is part of a modern and somewhat hip movement in the saltwater aquarium world where hobbyists are applying many of the concepts of freshwater planted aquaria to a saltwater tank dedicated to macroalgae growth.  Remy shares his source of inspiration and shares a bit of advice if you're looking for your own tank muse.

After creating the left to right sloping sand bed (like you see in planted tanks) Remy breaks up the CaribSea LifeRock into smaller pieces to create unique shapes and sizes among his aquascape.  Breaking up larger, mundane rock pieces like this can really help add some character and provide you with the perfect rubble rocks to fill in the gaps.


The Aqua Illumination - Prime 16 LED Freshwater Light is mounted using the Prime Flex Arm - 12 Inch onto the end of the tank. Remy talks about future plans to modify the light mount by either suspending it or building a floating pendant which will allow him to remove the flex arm and further reduce the visual impact of the equipment. 

Remy mounted the Tidal 35 HOB power filter made by Seachem off the back of the tank with the 100W BRS Titanium Aquarium Heater element mounted just inside under the filter output. With hang-on gear like this, you have options in terms of the exact placement on your tank and during the cycle, you can tinker around with placement and set up to see which you like best. Fritz TurboStart was added to help jumpstart the beneficial bacteria and the tank is now well on its way to being cycled.

Be sure to follow along and join us for Part 4 of this build series where Remy gets his hands wet with some Macroalgae from the industry-leading algae experts, Algaebarn