Radion G6 LED Lighting

The EcoTech Marine Radion LED Lights provide unparalleled illumination for saltwater aquariums, optimizing the spectral output for vibrant coral growth and vivid coloration. Harnessing advanced LED technology, these lights offer precise control over the intensity, color spectrum, and photoperiod using the convenient Mobius control app. You can also take advantage of weather effects, lunar simulation, and a myriad of presets for easy setup all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

In the way of design, the Radion delivers on every level. The slim profile does not distract from the natural beauty of your aquarium and the individual pendants are incredibly versatile when it comes to mounting. The latest G6 generation features the HEI2 optics for even better blending and coverage over a larger area. Thanks to the energy-efficient operation and heat dissipation capabilities, you can expect almost no heat transfer into your aquarium. 

Choose from the Freshwater, Pro, or Blue spectral options based on your particular needs, all of which are available in both the larger XR30 and XR15 sizes.

Vortech Propeller Pumps

The EcoTech Marine Vortech powerheads are renowned for their advanced technology and exceptional performance in saltwater aquariums. Their propeller design ensures a broad and gentle flow pattern, mimicking the natural marine environment, thereby promoting the well-being and growth of corals. Additionally, the motor is located outside the aquarium, reducing heat transfer and minimizing the intrusion of equipment in the display. This design not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also facilitates ease of maintenance, ensuring optimal tank conditions.

Choose from three different models based on the tank size and level of flow you desire.  The smallest MP10 is generally recommended for tanks up to 24" wide (~ 60 gallons), the MP40 for 4ft long tanks (~120 gallons) and the MP60 is great for tanks measuring 6ft long or more (~180 gallons). 

Vectra Controllable DC Return Pumps

The EcoTech Marine Vectra DC return pumps are at the forefront of innovation for saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. With their advanced DC motor technology, these pumps ensure energy-efficient operation while delivering consistent and customizable flow rates. The Vectra series integrates seamlessly with EcoTech's EcoSmart Live platform, allowing users to fine-tune performance metrics and adapt to specific tank needs. Additionally, their quiet operation and precision engineering guarantee optimum water movement with minimal disturbance.

There are three different models that should be chosen based on the maximum flow rate. When choosing a return pump it is important to remember that you can always slow down the flow but you can't make the pump move water beyond its capacity.  In other words, it's better to oversize the pump than to choose something right on the border of your flow requirements. 

Versa Dosing Pumps

The EcoTech Marine Versa dosing pumps offer unparalleled precision in delivering essential supplements and elements to saltwater aquariums. Their advanced peristaltic design ensures consistent and accurate flow rates, reducing discrepancies in nutrient and additive distribution. With a robust build and long-lasting motor, they provide dependable performance over extended periods.

One of the most attractive features of the Versa pumps is their controllability and integration with Mobius. From the convenience of your smartphone, you can quickly set up dosing regimes and calibrate the pump flow using an intuitive and user-friendly interface that was designed for aquarium applications.