Vertex is introducing a bunch of new products this year and we got the tour of just about everything in their booth. We started by getting the rundown on the current Vertex Omega line, as well as the new models being added to the line. The Omega line of protein skimmers is entirely designed and produced by Vertex using Sicce motor blocks. The new designs include the Omega 180i and Omega 200i which utilize a pump placed on the inside of the skimmer body to save space in the sump. It includes all the standard Omega features, such as the high quality construction, wedge pipe, and Sicce motor block with custom volute and impeller. Vertex is finally releasing a new calcium reactor as well. Designed to replace the previous models, it is built using the same high quality material as the skimmers. The reactor itself can separate from the base and the reaction chambers can actually be moved around in a way that fits best for you. Vertex has brought new features to a product that has largely remained unchanged for years. The Cerebra Controller has advanced a lot since the last time we have seen it. The controller is now much more responsive to commands and they have added features like the ability to measure the amount of power being used by the components. If you haven't seen the Libra doser yet, it is worth a look. It includes a built in LCD touchscreen that is laid out in a very simple and easy to use way. This is one doser you could pick up, never open the instructions, and know how to use. They also produce a version that uses stepper motors, which are significantly more accurate motors and are the type of motors used to operate machinery like CNC mills. The Stratus pump is a product we hadn't seen before. The pump is a controllable high flow return pump that includes a variety of extra features. The pump utilizes a touch screen just like that of the Libra doser that allows you to control the speed of the pump. The Vertex Illumina is getting upgraded this year. The new Illumina 2 has a ton of upgrades on the inside of the light. It has built in Wi-Fi which also removes the need for the display. It will be controlled via smartphone. There are a lot of new LED colors included on each pad including two different types red LED's, lime green LEDs, as well as all of the blue, UV, and white LED's you are used to. Impressively, each color channel can be individually controlled on each individual LED pad. Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: