New from Tunze this year is a new nano skimmer. Complete with surface skimming attachment and magnet mounts, this skimmer is one of the smallest-bodied skimmers we have seen. It even utilizes small silicone buffers to keep it quiet. They are expected to be released by the end of July. The new magnet cleaner from Tunze, called the Care Cleaner, is made entirely of plastic. Designed specifically not to pick up sand, these powerful magnet cleaners do a great job on the glass. It is also nice that if you have some really stuck-on algae, you can swap in a metal blade if you like. If you haven't already seen the new LED's from Tunze, they are super unique. Aside from the fact that they are submersible, you can actually control them without a controller or buttons. To change the color spectrum for the light, you actually hold the magnet mount over the light. The light can sense the presence of the magnet and will adjust the color. The new Tunze Nanostream pumps (6020 & 6040) are designed to be placed behind the rocks. They have a flow adapter to adjust the direction of flow around the rocks. The pumps also utilize silicone on the mounting brackets to keep them quiet as well. Tunze in-sump skimmers are not new to the market, but they have some features that a lot of skimmers don't have, so we asked them to give everyone a short overview. All of the in-sump Tunze skimmers utilize a filter sock on the output to filter and catch bubbles. They also have a self-regulating feature that prevents the skimmer from overflows. If the skimmer goes crazy, the water level increases and cuts off the air to the skimmer until it is back to normal. Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: