Almost everyone in the reef aquarium hobby is familiar with Salifert test kits. They have been producing test kits for 20 years. This year Salifert is introducing a new series of test kits called "Reef Test" that are designed to be easier to use. They accomplish this by eliminating the need to use syringes. This is done at the expense of a bit of accuracy but the trade-off is a faster, simpler, easier to use test kit that some folks may find more attractive for their purposes. The alkalinity test, for example, only utilizes one reagent. You add drops of the reagent to your sample and count the number of drops until the sample changes color. Each drop represents .5dkH, so the solution changes color after you have added 20 drops, you know your dkH is 10. This makes for a very easy to use test that still has a resolution of .5dkH. Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: