Week 7: How to produce the best water possible | 52 Weeks of Reefing #BRS160

August 7th, 2015
One of the first steps towards a successful reef is a high quality water source. Follow along in Week 7 of 52 Weeks of Reefing as we uncover why RODI water is preferable, water treatment, what chloramines are and how to remove them, and which salt may be best for you. Oh, and did I mention we are filling the BRS 160?! Follow along and get your feet wet in Week 7 of the BRS 160!

One of the wisest things I have ever heard in this hobby was reef keeping has very little to do with maintaining corals and fish but everything to do with maintaining water. Maintaining pristine water with the right parameters simply results in a healthy thriving reef tank. The first step of that is identifying a high quality source of freshwater.

For most of you it will be your homes tap water which is likely either well water or water provided by your city which contains some type of disinfectant. If the water is clean and free of impurities that would harm the aquarium you can use either source of fresh water for the reef tank.

The problem is, the majority of us are simply unaware to what might actually be in our home's water supply. Using your city's water report, or private testing, you may want to verify that your water is free (or has extremely low levels) of heavy metals, phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, disinfection by-products, and uniquely high organic and inorganic chemicals.

Almost none of us want to sort through that mess or deal with the uncertainty so we just produce water at home we know is safe for our reef tanks. The easiest way to do that is with a reverse osmosis deionization system commonly referred to a RO/DI.

Now that we have our freshwater source covered its time to talk salt. The one question everyone wants to know is which salt is the best, there just ins’t an answer, if there was we would all know what it is by now. End of the day reefers have had various degrees of success with all of them. What we share with you is the distinct differences between a few so you can select one that aligns with your style of reefing.

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