New corals are here! Dipping, acclimating, and quarantining new arrivals: Dips, tips, and tricks

December 2nd, 2016
0 Views Today on BRStv, we have a large shipment of amazing corals that just came in for our employee tanks, and we're going to show you our process for dipping, acclimating, and quarantining!

Generally, we follow a process that hopefully will help prevent pests on this batch of corals:

First, we temperature acclimate and inspect the corals before dipping them. A visual inspection helps find the most glaring issues.

Then, we dip the corals in Coral RX, rinse, and then dip them in Bayer Advanced Insect killer

The third step involves cutting off the coral base or plug - this ensures that any pest eggs on the plug will not hatch later in the tank

Lastly, we add them to a quarantine system for a period of time.

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