It’s BRS Recommended - What does that mean? It’s more than you think.

One of the most frequent questions reefers ask us here at BRS is “What products would you personally use?”.

End of story that’s what BRS recommended is, from the sea of available options BRS Recommended items are what we would pick to use in our own reef tanks.

BRS Recommended Badge

What makes a BRS Recommended product?

The criteria for a BRS Recommended products comes from the shared experiences from our staff and the feedback and reviews from our customers.

These experiences are then combined with our knowledge of the manufacturers quality and service standards as well as any data collected via our popular BRStv Investigates video series to produce the BRS recommended accreditation.

This means that seeing the BRS Recommended tag is a trustworthy way to get a wealth of experience and knowledge wrapped up into a small and easy to digest package when shopping on our website.

The products are going to be one of the best values we can offer for those looking to get the right tool for the job without the hassle of making multiple purchases.

BRS Recommended Good, Better, Best Scale

Can there be more than one BEST?

When it comes to BRS recommended, yes, there absolutely can be more than one option that will fill the niche based on who you are as a reefer.

We are shooting for best of class meaning various price points graded by a good, better, and best approach.

GOOD - The least expensive option that gets the job done and maintains a reasonable expectation of quality. Likely the beginners and reefers looking for a great deal will benefit from these items.

BETTER - The value intersection with a slightly higher yet reasonable price point and a list of legit benefits for you and your tank. Usually the most popular option with excellent customer reviews that speaks to the biggest audience of reefers.

BEST - Price is not a primary concern and these products are simply the best option for the application. This allows the user to quickly make a choice and move onto other things without clogging the mind space with worry. Those who want to know they have the best without sifting through a ton of reviews and product descriptions or go through multiple products before the niche is filled.

So now you know and we are working hard to create quick videos to highlight each and every one of the BRS Recommended products and will also be pushing these items to the top of the categories making it easy for you to find them.

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