Top 10 Tips to Adding Sand In Your New Saltwater Aquarium or Established Reef Tank

Jen gives us her TOP 10 TIPS for the successful addition of sand to your new or existing aquarium. Whether it's your first time or your 10th time, you don't want to overlook this advice, especially tip #10!

  1. Have a plan for your tank. The amount of sand matters! 
  2. Do not rinse CaribSea Arag-alive or Oceans Direct to keep the live nitrifying bacteria.
  3. Always rinse dry sand first, it really helps reduce the cloudiness.
  4. Add all of the water and the sand that comes with live sand to retain the bacteria.
  5. Use the water clarifier, it helps! 
  6. Build your aquascape before adding sand and water, it's easier.
  7. Do not bury your corals and frags with sand, especially when adding sand to an existing tank.
  8. Add water to your new tank carefully so as not to disrupt the sand.
  9. Use a plate or flat rock to diffuse water when adding it into the tank.
  10. When adding sand to an existing tank, use a cup or container to add small amounts at a time. 

Do not use a magnetic glass cleaner or scraper after adding sand, you will scratch the tank walls! 

CaribSea Live Sand



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