Top 20 Kalkwasser Secrets...Or Fails. Best Kept Secret For Your Reef Tank!

What is better than a single solution that will maintain both calcium and alkalinity in your reef tank? Less effort than the popular two-part dosing and far less complicated than using a calcium reactor, Kalkwasser is one of the simplest and most underutilized major element solutions for reef tanks! If your thinking about using Kalkwasser on your saltwater aquarium then you don't want to miss this list of our Top 20 Kalkwasser Mistakes so you can hit the ground running and dose kalkwasser like a pro!

  1. Don't put Kalkwasser in your ATO
  2. Using a dosing pump makes your life easy
  3. You don't NEED a kalk-stirrer, a container will suffice
  4. Monitor the automation process
  5. Kalkwasser doesn't throw off your salinity like two-part
  6. Kalkwasser raises pH in your reef tank
  7. Kalkwasser is super affordable
  8. Kalkwasser is really is easy, its only one solution
  9. The pros use kalkwasser, so should you
  10. Kalkwasser can handle reef tanks with a significant demand
  11. Don't use "pickling lime", it has impurities
  12. Do not dose the sludge or precipitate on the bottom
  13. Mix the kalkwasser sufficiently to ensure maximum saturation
  14. Do not mix your solution daily, only mix it once. 
  15. Try not to chase maximum saturation, 2 tsp per gallon is the maximum
  16. Electrical conductivity meters can help you monitor when the kalk-stirrer solution is depleted
  17. Adding some vinegar to the solution can increase the maximum saturation
  18. Don't breathe in kalkwasser dust, it's harmful to your health
  19. You CAN successfully use both a Kalkwasser and a Calcium Reactor on the same tank
  20. Do not dose more than your tank evaporates

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