As an aquarist, the risk of a leak is unavoidable but you can take some steps to dramatically reduce the chances of small water leaks turning into damaging floods with a leak detection system. Cleaning up a puddle of water and stopping the leak at its source is, after all, much easier and less expensive than a full-blown remediation crew and impromptu remodel.

The Neptune Systems LDK really is one of the most powerful leak detection systems made for aquariums and is designed to be integrated into your Neptune Systems Apex aquarium controller.  It includes two LD-2 Leak Detection Probes along with the FMM module that integrates those sensors into your Apex network.  You can place the detection probes in ideal locations around your aquarium where they may come in contact with water in the event of a leak. Should a probe come in contact with moisture, the Neptune Systems Apex will notify you directly via email or SMS so you can then take the appropriate action. 

LDK Setup

  1. Mount the FMM module onto your controller board. You won't need to physically access the FMM module outside of connecting the sensors and Aquabus cables. 
  2. Connect the FMM module to any open Aquabuis port in your Apex network using the included Aquabus cable. 
  3. Attach both Leak Detection Probes to sensor ports #1 and #2 on the FMM. The probes are identical so the exact port isn't relevant.  The remaining open ports can be used for Optical Water Level Sensors, Flow Meters, or additional Leak Detection Probes should you wish to expand the system and protect your tank even further. 
  4. Open your Apex Fusion web app and click on "Tasks".
  5. Find the LDK Task and follow the onscreen instruction to set up the devices.

Probe Placement

  • Inside your tank stand right next to the sump
  • Behind the tank, outside the tank stand
  • Next to any external plumbing
  • Near the ATO or RO water station
  • Anywhere that may be prone to leaks! 

**Pro Tip - Once triggered, be sure to dry the bottom of the Leak Detection Probe with a towel before placing it back into its location.

FMM Expansion

The FMM module is a multi-purpose or comprehensive water monitoring module. Here are some great ways to expand your FMM using the additional sensor ports and 24V DC accessory port. 

Optical Water Level Sensors

  • Create an ATO system using the PMUP pump and 24v DC port
  • Monitor any water level in case of an overflow
  • Monitor fluid levels in your freshwater reservoir or dosing containers
  • Protect against skimmer cup overflows
  • Control or monitor RO production with an SV-1 Solenoid

Additional Leak Detection Probes

  • Expand your leak detection capabilities

Flow Meters/Sensors

  • Monitor your return pump flow
  • Monitor Reactor or UV sterilizer flow
  • Monitor RO/DI production or any 1/4" diameter water feed line