Frag disks with features! Reefsmart Easy-Cut Disks are made of aragonite sand and are built extra thin making them easy to cut. This means you can easily cut and propagate encrusting corals like montipora, zoanthids, and cyphastrea after the disk is completely encrusted. The top side is left rough so frag glue can easily adhere and corals will have a more natural surface to encrust as they grow.

Using a disk-shaped coral mount over a traditional frag plug has its benefits. First and foremost, you get more surface area for encrusting corals. You are also not stuck dealing with a cumbersome stem so attaching an encrusted disk to your aquascape is easy and won't stick out like sore thumb. The soft material is easy to trim too so you can shape the frag disk as you desire to make for a more natural-looking mount.