Reef Factory Base Pump

In the world of aquarium hobbyists, Reef Factory stands out as a prominent European producer renowned for its cutting-edge smart devices. With the largest smart ecosystem in the hobby, Reef Factory has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. The Base pump DC controllable return pumps for saltwater aquariums are one of the latest additions and have taken the spotlight with their efficient smart technology and minimalist design. The pumps are quiet, energy efficient, and carry a compact profile that appeals to modern aquarists. 

Reef Factory Base Pump Models
Reef Factory Base Pump Flow Chart

Base Pump's Integration of Smart Technology

The Base pump from Reef Factory represents a leap forward in aquarium technology. Operated through the advanced, cloud-based Smart Reef app, this modular system connects seamlessly via WiFi, eliminating the need for a central computer. The Smart Reef app works with Android and iOS phones or tablets but can also be accessed online via a personal computer.  

Reef Factory smart reef app

The app makes managing your aquarium easier with a plethora of smart features. It has a simple setup with a user-friendly interface. It allows you to control the Base pump from anywhere in the world. Adjust the pump's flow rate to suit your aquarium. Turn the pump on or off from a distance for added convenience. Get push notifications on your phone for important updates. The app also lets you stop the pump during feeding and set when it should start again. Additionally, a safety feature automatically stops the pump when water levels are too low, triggering a push notification through the Smart Reef app to alert the user. 

The pump also comes with a separate display showing power and flow rate in real-time. Thanks to an integrated button, you can control the display and its backlight too, making the whole system more flexible.

Reef Factory Base Pump

Modern Display With a Multifunctional Button

The additional display with a clean, modern design is equipped with a multifunctional button which, depending on the length of pressing or the number of times you press the button, allows you to manually switch the device on and off, set it to feeding mode, change the pumps operating parameters, reset the wifi network or reset the device to factory settings. It's a convenient way to control your aquarium pump with just a simple button.

Enhancements for a Seamless Experience

Additional features of the Base pump include rubber feet for easy installation in the tank, a DIN rail on the display's back for quick hanging in a preferred location, and a high-performance, reliable power supply that ensures consistent operation.


Create a relationship between the Base pump and the Level sensor: in case the water level drops in the overflow, your Base pump will start to work faster, and when the water level increases,  the pump will slow down. Thanks to such a solution the system will keep the water level within the desired range and the overflow will work quietly at all times. Another option is to configure a connection between the Base pump and Power switcher. Imagine you're feeding your animals, and you wish to temporarily halt the pump and other devices responsible for water circulation during this period, allowing your animals to enjoy their meal in a tranquil environment. You can connect your wavemakers, skimmer or circulators to Power switchers and create automatic actions with the Base pump to automate the feeding time. When the Base pump activates the feeding time it will synchronize with other devices, which will stop their operation for the time of feeding.