Korallen Zucht has long been producing helpful additives to provide a wide variety of reef aquarium solutions. For years we have been testing this line on our BRS 160 and have seen incredible results from a wide array of the Korallen Zucht line. While many of these products will help you achieve specific goals in your system, we have put together a bundle of seven additives that will transform the way you reef.

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The Heavy In & Heavy Out Approach

The concept of heavy nutrients being fed into the aquarium combined with a heavy export of those same nutrients to provide maximum nutrition for the corals and animals inside the tank while keeping optimum water quality.

  • Heavy In: This is a combination of our DIY food recipe and the seven blue bottles in our Korallen Zucht bundle. These include Sponge Power, Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer, Amino Acid Concentrate LPS, Amino Acid Concentrate, Flatworm Stop, Coral Booster, and Pohl’s Xtra Concentrate.
  • Heavy Out: This is a combination of our oversized refugium, auto water changes, and the large coral colonies within our displays.

The Bottle Break Down

Sponge Power: This additive is a great food source for sponges and clams which are an important part of the biology and stability of your reef aquarium.

Pohl’s Coral Vitalizer: The vitalizer is a great food source for SPS corals. Additionally, it helps increase polyp extension, feeding response, and growth.

LPS Amino Acid Concentrate: This amino blend is designed specifically for LPS and softies.

Amino Acid Concentrate: This is a unique type of amino acid that contributes to faster growth, overall vitality, and improved polyp extension.

Flatworm Stop: Flatworm Stop weakens Acropora flatworms while strengthening your corals. It is not a medication and therefore, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Coral Booster: The Coral Booster is a color enhancer and with it containing a nice variety of trace elements, it will also strengthen corals while encouraging faster growth.

Pohl’s Xtra: This concentrate will give you that extra punch when it comes to enhancing the color of your beloved corals.