Matthew makes his first attempt at a Seahorse Macro Algae Tank. What algae is best? What kind of seahorses? How many? What fish can they be mixed with? There's much to learn in this new area.

Luckily he has the knowledge of Felicia McCaulley of Marine Depot, and Tyler of Inland Reef (IG: @inland_reef).

Jump to your pressing questions here:

00:42 - Tank Setup

02:18 - Epic tank mistake

05:34 - Felicia McCaulley shares tons of Seahorse knowledge

06:48 - What seahorses do I start with?

07:05 - How many seahorses in a tank of this size?

08:00 - What fish can I mix them with?

08:25 - What kind of sand for seahorses?

10:00 - What's an ideal temperature?

12:39 - Will this new tank BURST?

13:46 - Tyler from IG: @inland_reef on Macro Algae

15:20 - Important nutrients for Macro Algae

15:51 - When to test for nutrients

16:41 - What's an ideal substrate?

18:25 - How do you attach macro algae to the soft sand bed?

19:09 - What are the ideal lights?

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