CaribSea's Hidden Gem! Ocean's Direct Live Sand For Saltwater Aquariums

Ocean's Direct Live Sand from CaribSea provides your reef tank with some unique benefits while also providing one of the most natural looking foundations for your to build upon. As the name implies, this sand is wild harvested directly from the floor of the ocean. That means your getting a wider variety of grain sizes and color shades instead of the more uniform grains we see with all of the other CaribSea sands.

The most significant benefit comes to you in the way of bacteria. The sand is kept alive and is never dried out before being packaged and shipped to you. This means all of the beneficial microbes found on the ocean's floor are transported into your saltwater aquarium providing a more robust and diverse biological filter. In order to ensure you get the maximum benefit, just be sure the sand stays wet and that you turn on your filtration right away to ensure the water is oxygenated which promotes a healthy reproduction of the bacteria. This will also help to filter out some of the suspended sediments that cause temporary cloudiness which is normal upon introduction into your tank for the first 24-48 hours.

CaribSea Live Sand

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