A RO/DI filter system (https://goo.gl/W6wRuX) is crucial to keeping a successful reef aquarium because it produces the pure water required to keep fish and corals healthy.

Adding a booster pump (https://goo.gl/woxBoJ) to your RO/DI system will help you achieve optimal production and less waste water!

Booster pumps are not only designed for areas with low water pressure, but are also great for aquarium hobbyists who simply want to get the most out of their RO/DI system. Today we are going to explain how booster pumps work and also highlight one of the newest and easiest to use models that just became available.

A booster pump, as the name implies, boosts the pressure going into your RO or RO/DI system which makes it operate more efficiently and decreases consumption of DI resin.

Booster pumps are installed inline to increase the water pressure going into the RO membrane. It will provide your RO membrane with the ideal water pressure which results in maximum water production, the highest quality filtered water and less waste water.

In fact, you can often achieve a 1:1 product-to-waste water ratio compared to the normal 4:1 ratio produced by units without a booster pump. Booster pumps can be powered manually or via switches that completely automate the use of the pump. We stock a variety of booster pumps from industry-leading RO/DI manufacturers like SpectraPure, AquaFX and AquaticLife.

One booster pump we would like to highlight is the new Smart Buddie from AquaticLife (https://goo.gl/jo1pRJ) because it is one of the easiest pumps to install on an existing RO/DI system.

The Smart Buddie has clearly labeled ports that direct you where to connect existing RO lines making installation fast and simple. It features built-in high pressure and low pressure switches that turn the pump on and off automatically to ensure optimum pressure at all times, extending the life of the pump and allowing for safe operation with float valves. It also has a built-in automatic flush that automatically clears out your membrane each time the unit is activated which will drastically extend the life of your TFC membrane.

Booster pumps save you time by making water faster and will definitely save you money by reducing waste water. With the frequent flushing of your membrane, you will also save money on the cost of replacement filters.

If you are interested in getting a booster pump for your reverse osmosis filter, feel free to contact us for recommendations. Our aquarium experts are happy to suggest a booster pump that will work well for your system and fit your budget.

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