The AquaticLife Smart Buddie Booster Pump monitors and automatically increases the incoming water pressure for RO and RO/DI filtration systems to 80 psi which is the ideal input pressure to achieve the best system performance.

With optimal pressure your RO membrane can perform with the best product to waste water ratio and produce your filtered water within the shortest amount of time possible. You will also help to extend the life of your DI cartridges because the RO water being produced will contain lower TDS levels compared to systems with sub-par water pressure.

The microprocessor-controlled Smart Buddy booster pump also includes an automatic flush valve that cleans the RO membrane for 18 seconds before each use. By removing precipitate and other particles trapped in your RO membrane via the flush cycle, you will help extend the life of your RO membrane. This high-end flush valve feature is a huge benefit for those of us who produce large amounts of filtered RO/DI water and really need to get every drop of pure filtered water possible.

The Smart Buddie Booster Pump was carefully engineered for quick and easy installation.

Just connect your RO system to the clearly labeled ports, turn on the water supply and then apply power to the pump.

The Smart Buddy is plug and play with no programming needed and will allow you to get the MOST out of your RO or RO/DI system.

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