1. Internal Plumbing

Assemble the inlet pipe assembly. Don't forget to install the red o-ring that helps prevent water from creeping out of the skimmer. 

2. Assemble the Pump

Secure the bubble plate to the outlet of the pump using the plastic screw until it is finger tight. Find the yellow airline and attach it to the venturi fitting on the inlet of the pump. Take the inlet assembly from step #1 and attach it to the pump via the elbow on the pump inlet. 

3. Install the Pump 

Remove the clear divider from the skimmer body. Slide that pump assembly into it with the bubble plate resting on the brackets in the pump chamber. Make sure the small red O-ring on the inlet assembly is on the inside of the skimmer body to prevent leaks. Replace the divider and hand tighten the black body screw. Find the loose end of the yellow tube and attach it to the shorter tube on the air silencer. 

4. Outlet Assembly

Attach the outlet assembly and optional bubble stopper to the protein skimmer using the included elbows and acrylic tube.

5. Install the Collection Cup

Slide the O-ring around the collection cup. Insert the cup into the rectangle opening on the top left side of the skimmer and place the lid onto the cup. Lastly, attach the white silicone emergency drain to the outlet on the cup and be sure it is pointing down into the skimmer's body. 

6. Mount the Skimmer

Hang your skimmer on the rim of your tank with the bracket. Use the screws on the bracket to position the skimmer vertically. Please keep in mind that these screws are only for adjusting the angle of the skimmer and not for securing it to the tank so as not to put too much pressure on them. 

7. Prime the Skimmer

Once the skimmer is mounted on your tank, fill the body with water. Once full, disconnect the airline from the silencer and submerge it in water to purge the air from it. Plug the power cord in and wait for the pump to prime, but keep in mind that this can take a few minutes.

You will know that the pump is fully primed once the skimmer is actively taking in water from your aquarium and you can see it coming out of the outlet. At this point, you can reattach the airline to the air silencer and the skimmer will start creating foam. 

8. Adjust Collection

Always start with the collection cup in the highest position. It's best to run the cup for a few days and allow the skimmer to break in.  The collection cup is small and an overflow is possible so keep an eye on it.  Once the foam level is stable, you can slide the cup up or down to adjust your skimmate collection.