The AquaUV Advantage Series Hang-on-back UV Sterilizers are designed to be plumbed inline from your sump or canister filter and hang directly off the back of your tank.

These versatile UV sterilizers are available in two sizes; an 8 watt and 15-watt version. Both models include a ½ inch hose-barb for quick connection to standard vinyl tubing and also have a clever 90-degree spout to quietly return water back into your tank.

The slender and compact form factor make it easy to fit the unit right on the back of our tank; the translucent glow cap lets you know the unit is operating and it includes one of the industries longest lasting UV lamps.

A UV sterilizer improves water clarity and eliminates free-floating pathogens in your aquarium water. If you are looking to clean things up your tank, the Advantage Series are among the easiest and most economical solutions available for complete UV sterilization.


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