Waterbox 65.4 aquarium front view
Sleek and modern. On the face of it there's nothing not to like.

Aquarium brand Waterbox continue their roll-out of new models with the 65.4 All In One aquarium. So-called because the tank is four feet long and holds 65 gallons of water, the 65.4 becomes the largest Waterbox model to feature the filter chamber built into the back of the tank and will appeal to all those fishkeepers who crave a sleek looking four-foot tank, without any sump or filtration, or pipework, in the cabinet underneath. 

The tank features the same ultra-clear glass, laser-etched logo and water cut, black glass weir comb as the other models, along with self-levelling mat, carbon, sponge, “Y” return nozzle and filter socks. But the 65.4 has four 2” filter socks and two “Y” returns equalling four return nozzles for plenty of flow around the tank. Despite being called an AIO it doesn’t come with a heater, lighting or return pump, so that needs to be added separately by the user. You’ll need an ATO and reservoir too. 

Waterbox 65.4 AIO aquarium top view
The AIO 65.4 comes with four filter socks and four outlet nozzles

Fresh or saltwater ready

The AIO 65.4 could be run as saltwater or freshwater and being four feet long there’s plenty of linear room in the back for a slimline skimmer, reactors and extra media to suit the setup (also not supplied). But at only 3.1” wide I wonder if a wider filter chamber, capable of housing a larger skimmer and reactor, and two 4” socks would have been better? And maybe a wider tank at 24” wide instead of the standard 20”? 

I’d like to see a fully equipped Plug and Play version too where the system can be set up and reef ready straight out of the box. And the option of a retrofit sump like Red Sea offer with the Max E series would help ensure a reef tank that can grow with the hobbyist. A minimalist cabinet in three colors with soft close, push open doors and self leveling feet is also available at extra cost. Quite a lot of extras to add to what’s marketed as an All-In-One tank, but good-looking, nevertheless.