Filter Media Cup

The Filter Media Cup is a great addition to any sump filtration system. The cup drops into a filter frame inside the sump. Place a bag of filter media like activated carbon, GFO or bio media in the cup and you’ve got a mini reactor! The bottom of the cup has large holes so water flows freely through the media with no chance of overflow. Available in Sea Foam White, Coral Red and Calypso Blue, these inexpensive filter cups really improve water filtration and are a sure winner for anyone with a sump filter system.

AutoAqua Smart AWC (Auto Water Changer)

Aquarium automation is the hottest trend in reef keeping. The AutoAqua Smart AWC takes care of two maintenance jobs nobody really enjoys – water changes and top-offs! Using miniature water pumps, the Smart AWC Touch will drain the aquarium or sump to a pre-set level. It automatically refills the tank with fresh saltwater from your reservoir. The Smart AWC Touch also works as an automatic top off system. Using a third pump and level sensor, the unit automatically compensates for evaporation by adding water from a freshwater reservoir. A series of micro-sensors and a smart processor ensure accurate, reliable operation. The touchpad makes it easy to set-up in minutes. All these features make the AutoAqua Smart Touch a “no-brainer” gift for any aquarist on your list.

Santa Monica Filtration DROP Algae Scrubbers

Algae scrubbers are a great way to provide natural filtration, nutrient removal and algae control in marine aquariums. DROP algae scrubbers make it easy to add a scrubber to any reef tank or refugium. The small DROP scrubbers even fit inside pico, nano and AIO systems for Coralife BioCubes, Innovative Marine NUVO tanks, Red Sea tanks and more. DROP algae scrubbers are self-contained microcosms designed to grow algae inside the scrubber box. Internal LED grow lights and Green Grabber growing base keep the algae contained inside the scrubber. DROP algae scrubbers are plug and play. Just place it into your tank, plug in the low-voltage power supply and let the algae do the rest. Your tank will be cleaner and require less algae scraping so you can spend more time enjoying your reef!

ATI Lab Test Kit for ICP-OES Complete Water Analysis

If you spend any time with a reef enthusiast you know they’re always concerned with water quality. That’s because maintaining proper water conditions is crucial for keeping corals, reef fish and other invertebrates. Water test kits are a good way to keep an eye on water quality but now there’s an affordable way to have a lab-quality water analysis performed on your own. Using the ATI Lab Test Kit is easy. Just take water samples from the aquarium and RO filter and drop them into the mail using the pre-paid shipper. When the water samples arrive at the analytical lab they’ll be tested for 43 parameters that measure essential salts and trace elements along with the purity of the RO water supply. Results will be sent electronically in a matter of days. The report will explain any parameters that need immediate attention and possible trends that should be monitored. The ATI Lab Test Kit provides water quality information previously impossible to obtain unless you worked in a laboratory! Pick up an ATI test kit for every aquarist on your shopping list.

inTank Media Baskets

If you’re looking for gift for someone with an in-tank or all-in-one aquarium filter system – inTank media baskets are sure to please. Using filter media in these tanks can be tricky due to the tight space. It’s hard to position the media in the right place and even harder to take it out for filter servicing. But all that’s a thing of the past thanks to InTank media baskets. Made of precision cut acrylic, inTank filter baskets are custom made for specific models of all the major aquarium systems. Be sure to check our site for a complete application list. Water is directed through, not around, bagged media, bio-media and filter pads. The baskets make it easy to layer filter media in the proper order to remove particulates, chemical filtration and even bio media. Filtration efficiency will soar higher than Santa and his sleigh. Filter change outs are fast and easy too. inTank Fuge Baskets work in any refugium to add space for media and algae scrubbing. You can’t wrong when you give inTank media baskets!